Hi, I’m Sherry, a former high school English teacher, wife, mother of two boys (and cat, Zoe), and a YouTube creator. I opened a retail booth at a consignment store near my home in 2018 and began watching YouTube videos for ideas on what I could DIY and sell in my booth. The more I watched YouTube, the more I wondered if I could create my own channel. With some encouragement from my family, I released my first video in February 2021. A few weeks later, I was shocked to see that people who were not related to me were watching my videos! 

My parents raised me to be frugal and resourceful; unfortunately, they did not live to see how I have used those qualities to create my DIY channel and business, Canterbury Cottage. I have always loved old things and am a collector by nature, as a result I have accumulated a huge stash of new, vintage, and antique home decor.  I closed my retail booth at the end of 2022 and transitioned to an online store which launched in February 2023. It is my hope that you will find a few special things for your home among my stash, and that I will have a little extra space in my basement to buy new things! 

Canterbury Cottage on YouTube